Goodbye Launchpad, Hello Storyboard

The OpenStack Infrastructure team has successfully migrated all of the openstack-infra project bugs from LaunchPad to StoryBoard. With the exception of openstack-ci bugs tracked by elastic recheck, all bugs, tickets, and work tracked for OpenStack Infrastructure projects must now be submitted and accessed at If you file a ticket on LaunchPad, the Infrastructure team no longer guarantees that it will be addressed. Note that only the infrastructure projects have moved, no other OpenStack projects have been migrated.

This is part of a long-term plan to migrate OpenStack from Launchpad to StoryBoard. At this point we feel that StoryBoard meets the needs of the OpenStack infrastructure team and plan to use this migration to further exercise the project while we continue its development.

As you may notice, Development on StoryBoard is ongoing, and we have not yet reached feature parity with those parts of LaunchPad which are needed for the rest of OpenStack. Contributions are always welcome, and the team may be contacted in the #storyboard or #openstack-infra channels on freenode, via the openstack-dev list using the [storyboard] subject, or via StoryBoard itself by creating a story. Feel free to report any bugs, ask any questions, or make any improvement suggestions that you come up with at:!/project/456

We are always looking for more contributors! If you have skill in AngularJS or Pecan, or would like to fill in some of our documentation for us, we are happy to accept patches. If your project is interested in moving to StoryBoard, please contact us directly. While we are hesitant to move new projects to storyboard at this point, we would love working with you to determine which features are needed to support you.

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