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WordPress vs. TypePad, Round 2

Comments on blog posts are funny things. They can be aggressive, constructive, nice, flame bait or spam, and not each of them deserves a response in turn. Most of it is noise, so when I got a comment from the CEO of Six Apart on my post about why TypePad sucks , I am pretty impressed and blown away.

Until I read the comment itself, which… well, to put it nicely it was abrasive, insulting, and belittling of my expertise. Given that I’d heard good things about Anil I was incredibly surprised… and was about to let it go with a simple rebuttal…

…and then I realized I wasn’t about to let it slide. He said that I hadn’t done my research, so I did it: and here’s what I found, point by point, to everything he said.

Before I go into the meat of it all, let me post a challenge to both Automattic and SixApart: Let the numbers decide who’s better. When all is said and done the way to determine which system is better is best determined by how many signups, users, blogs, posts and comments each of your systems generates over time. Since this needs to be an impartial analysis the dataset will need to be pretty detailed and substantive, so if either of you would like to contact me directly about your specific NDA needs I’d be more than happy to consider them (The results will be aggregated and public).

Now, on to the rebuttal!

Friends don’t let Friends use TypePad

As someone who manages several blogs, some on TypePad and some on WordPress, I find myself in a rather unique position to comment on both. I won’t lie- I am clearly biased towards the latter, and though my opinion might be colored by that bias I’ve tried to figure out why I feel the way I do. I’ve outlined a few points below on areas where I feel that WordPress is clearly superior to TypePad.