OpenStack JavaScript Mitaka Recap

There aren’t that may people working on the JavaScript ecosystem in OpenStack, however even with that in mind, we’ve made quite a bit of progress in Mitaka.

  1. CORS support in all OpenStack services
    While there are still some extant bug fixes that need to land, those appear to be on schedule for the M3 release. We still need help though, so if you have some time to assist, the relevant launchpad bug is here.
  2. A common JavaScript style guide for OpenStack
    The project is named ‘eslint-config-openstack‘, and I’d like to invite everyone to keep an eye on it. The initial flurry of rule proposals seems to have settled, and at this point I’d like to move to a once-per-cycle release cadence.
  3. Publishing to NPM
    OpenStack’s infrastructure is now capable of publishing packages to NPM.
  4. Mirror Foundations
    While we weren’t able to set up an NPM package mirror for OpenStack’s Infrastructure, we were able to migrate our build mirrors to AFS, while adjusting the folder structure to make more room for other language mirrors. A nice side effect: We removed 20 minutes from devstack gate runs by creating space for pypi wheel mirrors.
  5. Ironic-UI Horizon Plugin
    Version 1 of the ironic horizon plugin has been built, and while it doesn’t have the bells and whistles that you may be expecting, it’s nevertheless a major splash by Elizabeth Elwell as she enters the contributor community. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

Did I forget something? Often it feels like there’s actually been more that I worked on, however my memory isn’t the greatest. Leave an update in the comments, and I’ll add it!


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